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Even More GH

Bullet comments about today's GH:

*sniff* Seeing Lee and Gail with Serena made me want a Gramma and Grampa in a big way. Denied!!

Best dressed awards: Helena and Dara. Absolutely stunning.

Worst dress: No contest. Mrs. Spencer, your makeover is waiting.

Lucy: "Amanda Barrington has just contributed her biggest donation ever." You know you're flaming rich when you compete against yourself for biggest donation.

Flea: Good god, don't' get me started. OK, I'm started. Flea to Mac: "Nice chest." My sentiments exactly. I never thought I'd say that Flea took the words right out of my mouth.l

Stavros & Helena: Love it. Stavros is a very, very, very bad man. Note to self: Find Stavros Cassadine and make him my love slave.

Stefan: See above, but without the very, very bad man stuff.

Worst Nurses Ball Performance Ever: Fluke. Nuff said.

Kids: Loved Up on the Roof, very old Hollywood classy. Had to wonder if Rebecca Herbst was too pukey feeling to dance this year.

Best sight of all: Roy and Luke sitting together, best buds after tweny-plus years.
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