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I have felt seriously abandoned by the Stavros story this week, as other folks have come into focus. It would have been great to see more interaction between he and Helena, as well as a few near more near misses of him being seen by other key people before he is introduced at the Nurses Ball. I wonder if he will be the one who underwrites the ball this year? In the past, it has been the bad guy of the moment, be it Sonny or Damian or Stefan. I believe one year, it was Jax.

I am eager to see more of the ball today as it seems to be going well. Perhaps prematurely so, I am dreading the Fluke number already just from the previews and from knowing that she has a breakaway skirt that is going to fly off of her. What a way to ruin a perfectly good Bob Seger song. I am praying for some good numbers, despite tragedy at both the Versais Room and below. I hope that gone are not the days of The Wizard of Oz, Romeo and Juliet, "The Power to Believe" and Mary Mae and the Pips. What will a Nurses Ball be without Ned singing? Is Wally still in Tibet, Tracey? HEY, TRACEY, I'm asking ya, IS WALLY STILL IN TIBET? [As a side note, that has reminded me that if I ever own a Llama - which I pray I do not - I'm going to name him Dali so he can be the Llama Dali] I'm holding out big hope for today that we will see some stunning performances after last year's dud. The only really salvageable act from last year was what turned out to be the most startlingly exquisitely choreographed performance in the history of the Nurses Ball: the spectacularly done "Jump, Jive and Wail" number by Tony, Mike and the nurses. Wow. Since the ball got off to a great start with John Ingle obviously having a blast singing, "It's in his kiss" for The Shoop Shoop Song, you can color me tentatively optimistic.

Looks like the beginning of the end of the Amber Tamblyn saga with GH has hit. What a way to go! Seeing Skye clutch that note from Emily to her parents, not knowing what to do with it now was good stuff. We are no doubt up for some outstanding acting from Chad Brannon now that he has more to do than chase after Emily. I know he's going to go full boat on this one and can't wait to see it. Pass the tissues, please. Between this, Luke and Laura, Mac crying over Flea and Ryan on AMC, I'm not going to have any eyeballs left.

"I have never understood saving the good dishes for special occasions" That is because you don't have any kids, Angel. If you had kids, you'd get it. It's because you want to KEEP the good dishes and BREAK the stoneware. It's because the Flintstones plastic cup you got from Denny's doesn't shatter into a million pieces when it hits the floor like your fine crystal, you goofy frickin' broad. You'd also understand about wearing a color other than white or else you'd quickly turn that white into an unplanned printed pattern. I'm Angel. I'm AN angel. I live out here in the boonies where I can keep you safe. I am a perfect cook, perfect housekeeper and perfect confidant. I am able to wax absent mindedly dreamy, or at least absent minded, when you ask about my past. I don't pry into your personal lifeI just tend to you and take gentle care of your wounded back and spirit. I am supposed to be generating intrigue and mystery, but instead, I am the most bland and boring character to hit the GH screen in forever.

So just what the hell WAS Angel doing in Sonny's building? Did I leave the room at the wrong time or was that never disclosed?

No, no, no. No matter how hard I try, I just can't wrap my head around TB as the new Carly. She is just so, so bad. Her scene with Laura was a crime. She was so outclassed by Genie Francis that I wanted to grab her little bones and give her a big old hug, tuck her hair up into a hair net and teach her to say, "Do you want fries with that." A few GH execs must be burying their collective faces in their hands, sobbing, "What have we done?" when they watch her dailies. Second to "What have we done?" I imagine the most commonly heard phrase is, "and, Lord, we've got her on contract." I would hate, hate to be Tamara Braun right now. She has to know she's way out of her league and drowning in the deep end with no life jacket in sight. I'm sure she thought she could do it, but it's like bluffing your way into the upstairs poker games and being forced to play the game out until the bitter end with the ante having a nonstop link into your quickly dwindling life savings. She's giving it all she's got, I'll give her that, but unfortunately, an A for effort does not promote her to the next grade. Johnny might WANT to read, but if Johnny doesn't know the ABC's, Johnny can't go to high school.

With that, I shall release you from the Hell of Metaphors in which I live and move on to One Life to Live.
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