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Misogynist? I love it. The writers must have gotten a nice dictionary/thesaurus set for their birthdays. J In fact, RJ got a few good lines in today.

Was that a pelt across Bo's chest in bed with Lanie today? Can he really be that hairy? Hairy men have always fascinated me. They're soprimal. My husbands were all fairly smooth, which is extremely cool in its own right, believe me, but when I see a man who is covered in fur, it's just totally mesmerizing. I have to work to not stare.

WHERE did Antonio get that Beaver Cleaver haircut? I much prefer the pompadour look on him. Of course, Carlotta heralded the romance fairy yesterday when she told her nio that there was a sadness in his heart because he didn't have no woman. We can start the countdown to Antonio getting some lovin.

My curiosity is finally up on the Max-Gabrielle set up, but only in a practical way to wonder if Max is really not going to notice Asa Funt out there with his camera the size of a refrigerator hanging in the window.

I have really enjoyed seeing Niki from time to time and her clothes have definitely improved over the years. I'd not mind wearing her latest get up at all and the hair is definitely kickin. I'd love to see the Alison Perkins story unfold soon because it looks as though they are going to be mindful of historical accuracy, a courtesy that I always appreciate. Personally, I think Ben would probably have a rocking good time with Niki. I can picture him accidentally spending a night with Niki, wondering what was going on with Viki, finding out later what happened and then trying (at special moments) to get her to change over again.

Please, please, please can we see Melanie go totally whacked out psycho before Darlene Vogel leaves in September? If Bo was more worried about how Nora felt about Troy's appearance than how Melanie felt seeing her dead husband walk into the room, I think we have plenty of bait for a good crazy bout.

I have totally loved Ty Treadway as Troy and the scenes between he and Nora have been priceless. I kept waiting for her to turn over that amulet and see "Made in Taiwan" stamped on it. ;)

Poor Jessica just needs one of those "stupid" signs to wear across her chest. That poor girl just can't stop being duped by the people she trusts. I think she needs some quiet time in a sanitarium with Dr Rae to give her self-esteem lessons so that she can purge this need to attract users like Will and Seth.

It was great fun to see Cris going off on Lindsay and I'm sure there is more of that to come. I really do dislike the character of Lindsay quite a bit because I'm a believer that what goes around, comes around. Unfortunately, with Lindsay, it never seems to come around. I've never seen anyone have so much luck getting away with atrocities.

OK. You caught me. I've been trying to find interesting things to talk about when the show is boring me to tears. I'm sure it will spice up when Todd gets back, but for now, I'm on cruise mode. Just hang tight and it's sure to pick up soon.
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