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I've been staring at a blank MS Word document for about ten minutes, my mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, trying to think of something nice and uplifting to say about GH. The nicest thing I could think of is that after 10 minutes of looking into the white, I have entered this really cool zen place where I might be able to scry the future on a computer monitor. *sigh* I was able to bunt last week with the Metaphoric Casting List, but this week, I guess I'm going to have to produce. Never let it be said that I would send one of my soldier in to do a job I wouldn't do myself, so picture me strapping on my M-16 and heading into the trenches, ducking through the hail of gunfire.

I give you, 25 reasons to continue watching GH:

1) Some day, before too long, we're going to get a really entertaining story of why Angel wears white. It's going to be something like "*gasp* I just couldn't stand all the BLOOD any more! Blood, blood and more blood, my whole life! If I wore white, I would know that I would never be around blood again because blood abhors white! That's why nurses where white!" or maybe "I wanted *something* in my life to pure and clean and untarnished!" Regardless, the breaking point has to come because I know the costuming department is cursing the name of Megan McTavish for coming up with this dumb idea that Angel always wears white. It's going to be great, with lots of Scarlett O'Hara "I'll never be hungry again" overacting. Choice!

2) Elton. Word is that there are more scenes coming with him and that in itself is worth hanging around to see.

3) Coltin Scott. He's doing a really great job of playing Nikolas lately (sorry, my heart belongs to Tyler Christopher) and has been holding his own with the heavy hitters, Constance Towers and Stephen Nichols.

4) Marissa Ramirez. As a rule, I really, really dislike teen stories, but I have to say that Coltin and Marissa bring a lot of life to the story of Gia and Nikolas. She has carried herself well and done a fine job.

5) Stephen Nichols and Constance Towers. I've grouped these two together because I want to pay them both the same compliment: They've turned in outstanding performances despite really, really, really bad writing.

6) When he comes back, Luke very well might speak our feelings most harshly to Felicia again and she just might whack him again, fulfilling two of my fantasies in one tight scene.

7) When GH does a musical montage, there's no beating them.

8) At this point, I really do want to know who killed Sorel.

9) Two words: Robert Scorpio

10) Sonny is bound to crack up pretty soon and MB always does that really, really well.

11) If it gets really bad, you can turn down the volume and just fast forward to the scenes where you can look at Jax.

12) That first time that Laura sees Stavros!

13) The Luke-Laura-Scotty triangle is fireworks waiting to happen!

14) Mac is bound to take his shirt off at some point. We can hope, at least.

15) Melissa no doubt has even more untapped talents to amaze and astound us (and Roy).

16) Stavros is soooo menacing! Except for thinking he's going to whip out a "teeeeheeeeheeee" trill of little girl giggle at any moment, I think Stavros ROCKS.

17) You KNOW the time is going to come, you KNOW it simply has to, where Helena truly realizes that she has seriously glamorized Stavros all these years and that she has now really unleashed a monster on the world. Her comeuppance is going to be an intense moment, especially if Stefan is around.

18) You never know, Helena might have even more fast freeze relative to thaw!

19) We have to find out if Tony really switched vials around and if so, which ones and why?

20) Nancy Lee Grahn, Chad Brannon and Billy Warlock. They're good, they're fun and doggone it, I like them

21) If we stop watching, John Beradino will look down from Heaven and be sad. L

22) Bad writers never, ever last for more than a couple of years. We can ride this out. We got through the Sword of Malkuth, we can get through this.

23) We have to know about that music box.

24) If we stop watching, GH could be CANCELLED and then we don't ever get to the BETTER GH!!

and finally!!

25) Next to what we've got now, the future looks just absolutely wonderful!!

Hang in there, fans! This is just a tiny segment of the GH timeline and simply a storm to be weathered. Have a drink, put up your feet and just relax through the ride.

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