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Good Lord! It's not Will! I was so sure they were going to go with the obvious killer, but Will's scene with Sam yesterday where he hissed, "I don't KNOW anything else!!" convinced me that he really doesn't know where the boots came from or, for that matter, who killed Colin. Lindsay admitted to Jen that Rae had NOT told her what was on the tape and so she didn't know any details either. That's two Rappaports who are protecting someone for reasons they don't know. I'm thinking that they all suspected each other and when Sam stood up to take the rap, Lindsay, knowing that Sam didn't do it/couldn't do it, automatically assumed it was one of her kids, since she hadn't done it. Since Jen was the one having a mini breakdown and was busting a gut to tell Cris, tell Rae, tell anyone, I think it is now assumed that she did it. God knows she'd have good reason with Colin getting as aggressive with her as he was, but to me, this is all a little too obvious. Jen is falling apart from keeping this secret, but did she really do it? Perhaps Lindsay just thinks Jen did it. Or maybe Lindsay really did do it because Colin was attacking Jen. Of course, I'd love for it to have been Roseanne or someone really off the suspects list, but I think this is where it's actually going to go. Did we not actually SEE Sam cleaning off the boots? Don't we KNOW that Will had a giant black eye? It's been so long that I can barely remember what we do and don't know. If this comes off as self-defense, then prison might be avoided and life resumes as usual. Thank goodness we don't have much longer to wait until we know what actually did happen and can move on to a different story.

Let it not be the Gabrielle/Max/Asa mess that is brewing. If there was to be a murder mystery around Max, I could enjoy dragging it out, just to keep to the forefront that he's actually dead. His character is so cardboard any more that I can't bear to watch him. Fiona Hutchinson just looks insane most of the time and on the brink of tears the rest. Asa has a history of marrying nutjobs, but I think he bought the farm on this one. To be honest, I didn't care for the character of Gabrielle before and I don't see much going for her this time either (but that body! Daaammnnn!). I'm going to use the inevitable Max-Gabrielle clutches and longing stares that are coming to take pee breaks and refill my iced tea. It makes my head ache.

I'm simultaneously disappointed and interested in the Todd-Blair War of the Roses. I think it could be handled a lot better, but the acting of both Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva, not to mention Kristen Alderson as Starr, make this tepid story worth watching. Since Gina Tognoni is still expected to exit in July, I am suspecting that it will be in a benign way, such as her growing so frustrated with Blair's crap that she moves out of the mansion and joins Kevin in Texas.

The interesting question is how Roseanne is going to be written off when Erika Page leaves this month. Will that little bit of her soul that she gave to the spirits come back and bit her in her shapely ass? Will Bo find out that she was leaking info to RJ, bring charges and land her in the slammer? Will she slink away quietly into the dark night? Will she be killed off in some way? Not a word has surfaced yet.

On that happy note, I shall eagerly anticipate seeing Nora in court again. That gal can sure turn a closing statement.
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