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The AMC, GH and OLTL Commentary of Katrina Rasbold's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The AMC, GH and OLTL Commentary of Katrina Rasbold

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Hi [25 Aug 2001|10:36am]
If you've linked directly to my live journal, I have moved it. You can reach my soap journal by going to http://www.eyeonsoaps.com/soapjournal.htm
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GH [22 Aug 2001|02:38pm]
WOW! I totally loved Stavros today! Not only was his amused chortle at Chloe's revelation that Stefan kept a journal as a child perfect - costively priceless, but his ripping apart of the poor little man at the Grill was absolutely chilling! I'm very impressed. Now if I could just get the dueling models off my screen, life would be good!
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OLTL [22 Aug 2001|02:35pm]
Misogynist? I love it. The writers must have gotten a nice dictionary/thesaurus set for their birthdays. J In fact, RJ got a few good lines in today.

Was that a pelt across Bo's chest in bed with Lanie today? Can he really be that hairy? Hairy men have always fascinated me. They're soprimal. My husbands were all fairly smooth, which is extremely cool in its own right, believe me, but when I see a man who is covered in fur, it's just totally mesmerizing. I have to work to not stare.

WHERE did Antonio get that Beaver Cleaver haircut? I much prefer the pompadour look on him. Of course, Carlotta heralded the romance fairy yesterday when she told her nio that there was a sadness in his heart because he didn't have no woman. We can start the countdown to Antonio getting some lovin.

My curiosity is finally up on the Max-Gabrielle set up, but only in a practical way to wonder if Max is really not going to notice Asa Funt out there with his camera the size of a refrigerator hanging in the window.

I have really enjoyed seeing Niki from time to time and her clothes have definitely improved over the years. I'd not mind wearing her latest get up at all and the hair is definitely kickin. I'd love to see the Alison Perkins story unfold soon because it looks as though they are going to be mindful of historical accuracy, a courtesy that I always appreciate. Personally, I think Ben would probably have a rocking good time with Niki. I can picture him accidentally spending a night with Niki, wondering what was going on with Viki, finding out later what happened and then trying (at special moments) to get her to change over again.

Please, please, please can we see Melanie go totally whacked out psycho before Darlene Vogel leaves in September? If Bo was more worried about how Nora felt about Troy's appearance than how Melanie felt seeing her dead husband walk into the room, I think we have plenty of bait for a good crazy bout.

I have totally loved Ty Treadway as Troy and the scenes between he and Nora have been priceless. I kept waiting for her to turn over that amulet and see "Made in Taiwan" stamped on it. ;)

Poor Jessica just needs one of those "stupid" signs to wear across her chest. That poor girl just can't stop being duped by the people she trusts. I think she needs some quiet time in a sanitarium with Dr Rae to give her self-esteem lessons so that she can purge this need to attract users like Will and Seth.

It was great fun to see Cris going off on Lindsay and I'm sure there is more of that to come. I really do dislike the character of Lindsay quite a bit because I'm a believer that what goes around, comes around. Unfortunately, with Lindsay, it never seems to come around. I've never seen anyone have so much luck getting away with atrocities.

OK. You caught me. I've been trying to find interesting things to talk about when the show is boring me to tears. I'm sure it will spice up when Todd gets back, but for now, I'm on cruise mode. Just hang tight and it's sure to pick up soon.
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GH [21 Aug 2001|11:57am]
[ mood | hopeful ]


I've been staring at a blank MS Word document for about ten minutes, my mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, trying to think of something nice and uplifting to say about GH. The nicest thing I could think of is that after 10 minutes of looking into the white, I have entered this really cool zen place where I might be able to scry the future on a computer monitor. *sigh* I was able to bunt last week with the Metaphoric Casting List, but this week, I guess I'm going to have to produce. Never let it be said that I would send one of my soldier in to do a job I wouldn't do myself, so picture me strapping on my M-16 and heading into the trenches, ducking through the hail of gunfire.

I give you, 25 reasons to continue watching GH:

1) Some day, before too long, we're going to get a really entertaining story of why Angel wears white. It's going to be something like "*gasp* I just couldn't stand all the BLOOD any more! Blood, blood and more blood, my whole life! If I wore white, I would know that I would never be around blood again because blood abhors white! That's why nurses where white!" or maybe "I wanted *something* in my life to pure and clean and untarnished!" Regardless, the breaking point has to come because I know the costuming department is cursing the name of Megan McTavish for coming up with this dumb idea that Angel always wears white. It's going to be great, with lots of Scarlett O'Hara "I'll never be hungry again" overacting. Choice!

2) Elton. Word is that there are more scenes coming with him and that in itself is worth hanging around to see.

3) Coltin Scott. He's doing a really great job of playing Nikolas lately (sorry, my heart belongs to Tyler Christopher) and has been holding his own with the heavy hitters, Constance Towers and Stephen Nichols.

4) Marissa Ramirez. As a rule, I really, really dislike teen stories, but I have to say that Coltin and Marissa bring a lot of life to the story of Gia and Nikolas. She has carried herself well and done a fine job.

5) Stephen Nichols and Constance Towers. I've grouped these two together because I want to pay them both the same compliment: They've turned in outstanding performances despite really, really, really bad writing.

6) When he comes back, Luke very well might speak our feelings most harshly to Felicia again and she just might whack him again, fulfilling two of my fantasies in one tight scene.

7) When GH does a musical montage, there's no beating them.

8) At this point, I really do want to know who killed Sorel.

9) Two words: Robert Scorpio

10) Sonny is bound to crack up pretty soon and MB always does that really, really well.

11) If it gets really bad, you can turn down the volume and just fast forward to the scenes where you can look at Jax.

12) That first time that Laura sees Stavros!

13) The Luke-Laura-Scotty triangle is fireworks waiting to happen!

14) Mac is bound to take his shirt off at some point. We can hope, at least.

15) Melissa no doubt has even more untapped talents to amaze and astound us (and Roy).

16) Stavros is soooo menacing! Except for thinking he's going to whip out a "teeeeheeeeheeee" trill of little girl giggle at any moment, I think Stavros ROCKS.

17) You KNOW the time is going to come, you KNOW it simply has to, where Helena truly realizes that she has seriously glamorized Stavros all these years and that she has now really unleashed a monster on the world. Her comeuppance is going to be an intense moment, especially if Stefan is around.

18) You never know, Helena might have even more fast freeze relative to thaw!

19) We have to find out if Tony really switched vials around and if so, which ones and why?

20) Nancy Lee Grahn, Chad Brannon and Billy Warlock. They're good, they're fun and doggone it, I like them

21) If we stop watching, John Beradino will look down from Heaven and be sad. L

22) Bad writers never, ever last for more than a couple of years. We can ride this out. We got through the Sword of Malkuth, we can get through this.

23) We have to know about that music box.

24) If we stop watching, GH could be CANCELLED and then we don't ever get to the BETTER GH!!

and finally!!

25) Next to what we've got now, the future looks just absolutely wonderful!!

Hang in there, fans! This is just a tiny segment of the GH timeline and simply a storm to be weathered. Have a drink, put up your feet and just relax through the ride.


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AMC [21 Aug 2001|09:59am]
Maybe it was the hormones. Maybe it was having a really bad day. Regardless, a lot of things that happened on the soaps Monday just hit me wrong. OK, things from the previous week did as well, so maybe it was more than just a bad day or estrogen issues. Now please remember, I'm an AMC newbie, so my impressions of the characters doesn't have the benefit of years of history behind it. Please excuse any faux pas I might make in that ignorance.

Does Brooke do much more than order people around? Since I started watching, all I've seen her do is buy people off and manipulate people like pieces on a chessboard. I don't think I like her.

Where's Jackson? Why is that man NEVER around? I think I kinda like him, you know, in a special way. He only shows up when Erica is in a pout, like his Underdog super hearing picked up on Polly Purebred's "Oh where, oh where has my Jackson gone" song. Does he have a story or a life or is he just her personal puppy dog?

Do Myrtle, Phoebe and Palmer only show up at weddings and funerals and such? Are they the Audrey Hardy's and Dr Larry's of Pine Valley? Is Opal in that category when she isn't channeling Gillian (a magnificent make-out-with-Ryan ploy if EVER I saw one!)? Are we doomed to having to watch for sightings of these people, like seeing Elvis at a gas station? To me, THEY look interesting, not Laura, who is busy breaking Gillian's heart (literally).

"Leave, Greenlee! Now! You can't talk to my husband like that!!! Rrraaaaawwrrrr" I thought her head was going to spin and pea soup was going to go projectile from her mouth. I wish I could tell where Leo's head really is. It's obvious that he still has feelings for Greenlee, but how much of staying with Laura is because he's worried about what will happen if he leaves and how much of it is seeing Laura as his salvation? His chance to have a different kind of life? Even though Laura and Leo are definitely not on my favorite couples list, I definitely can't get into Greenlee getting up out of bed to go scream at Leo in his living room. Like so many other stories on ABC, this is one that I just want to have over and resolved, one way or another. It's justicky. By the way, when they were making out, did I see that he LAID ON HER CHEST??? OW OW OW OW OW!!

I *loved* Erica's smiling, glowing, beaming presentation of Greenlee's (pause) FREE TRIP TO PARISSSS! (the crowd goes wild) With a Barker's Beauties send off like that, I can't believe Greenlee narrowed her eyes, furrowed her brow and scowled rather than getting the eyes wide, mouth opencover with hands, jump up and down and squeal effect. You've really got to give Erica an A for effort. Too bad Greens saw through it. It was chilling with Mama Brooke whipped out that "And if you send Greenlee away so that Laura can be with Leo, your daughter won't be a lesbian any more" card. Ka-POW! The only thing missing was Erica's own personal Rod Serling (Jack) to step out of the shadows and tell us that Erica has stepped her Italian stiletto intoThe Manipulation Zone! (da da DUHHHH)

I guess I missed the whole Gillian-Ryan romance mystique, because by the time I came on board, I just found her to be annoying, so it was with glee that glee that I watched Ryan and Liza ripping off clothes and hitting the leaves. FINALLY, SOMEWHERE on ABC I can see a little passion! It might be grief sex, but it was at least hot! I loved how they both handled it afterward by assuring the other than no on took advantage of anyone and hey, I wanted to do you so let's not rule out doing it again. I really feel for Liza, having to deal with the Fall of the House of Dad right on the heels of Adam's betrayal. It's a good thing Ryan is there or her male figures would exactly be giving her a confidence in the gender. Loved the scene where Marian told her that she had known about her husband's affair. I don't care for the character of Mia and hope some weird triangle isn't forming with her moving onto the yacht (but we knew it was from that poker game, just didn't know there was another leg to the trio).

A friend of mine said something that really made me smile. She mentioned that everything began to make sense once she realized that Mia and Rosa were two different people. J I can definitely see where the confusion could lie since they are both cut from the one-size-fits-all cookie cutter model-to-actress-in-a-day form woman that is the standard on ABC soaps these days. Just once, *I* want to be in the demographic that the shows are shooting to hit! I was too young in the old days when they wanted to target mature housewives and now I'm too old when they want the Aaron Spelling crowd. I just want to see interesting stories involving people who have outlived the cookie sheets and underwear I own. *sigh*
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GH Funnies [16 Aug 2001|06:32pm]

Click Here to Get to Katrina's Metaphoric GH Castings!!
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Happy Monday, All! [13 Aug 2001|01:21am]

Be gentle with me. I'm a newbie. I just started watching AMC a few months ago out of necessity because I was getting too lost doing Eye on AMC when I didn't watch AMC. Some of the things I comment on are probably going to ring weird with the veteran viewers, so be patient with the baby here.

WOW, WOW, WOW, HOLY FREAKIN' COW! I about fell off my chair when Ryan and Liza started making out on Friday. Was that EVEN in the spoilers?? I was at the park when it aired and just happened to set my VCR to record it. Normally, I wouldn't bother because, like I said, I'm new at this and if I miss one here or there, it's not that big of a deal, but I thought, "hey, it's Friday, *something's* going to happen" and YOWZERS! Did it ever!

I mainly, in addition to site related stuff, started watching for two reasons: Opal and Myrtle. I guess if you have to take one of those personality tests and you pick "Opal" and "Myrtle" for the reasons you started watching AMC, it probably charts you as mental or something. I saw Myrtle when she crossed over to OLTL and thought she was just great. She was giving Skye the business about something and was really up in her face, doing that little old woman curse out without the swearing and I thought I was going to pee my pants laughing at her. You GO, Myrtle!!! Then I accidentally had the TV on when the whole libidozone-on-the-boat party was happening (I won't even pretend to know what was going on or what the party was about and insult all of you regular viewers), but that show was so full of things going on that I couldn't NOT watch. Here was that freak, Leslie, climbing all over Tad and Arlene getting in bed with Mateo and Greenlee dumping Laura (I hope I'm remembering that one right) off the boat and Vanessa yapping about how much the necklace Palmer gave her costI mean, how could you NOT watch? Then the clouds parted, the sun came out and a goddess in the coolest outfit I'd ever seen and a voice that sounded remarkably like mine swept onto the scene and I knew I'd found the mother from whom I'd been sorely separated at birth: Opal. I wanted to raid her closet in the worst way. I wanted to talk to her about where she'd been and who she'd done and what her life had been like. So Opal and Myrtle got me hooked and after that, I never saw them again. Thank God Gillian died so that I could see Opal actually do something. It's sad that she had to talk like Gillian to get some air time. Knowing that Esta TerBlanche has signed on supposedly until December makes me wonder where this can go from here. Will Gillian be watching Ryan and Liza's carnal buffet on Monday? Will Jesse distract her in time? After the way she flipped out over Mia just playing cards with Ryan, I doubt she will take this lightly. Is Wildwind still burning (I have images of Nero/Ryan fiddling)? Whew! What a loaded pistol this situation is, especially with Ryan back at work for Liza. I think a raise is in order.

OK, they've talked about it. Will Anna PLEASE call Mac now? Why hasn't Robin? Sure, she's on vacation, they mentioned, but wouldn't she be breaking her legs to get to Mac and tell him Anna is alive and that maybe, just maybe, Robert is around as well? Since she has pushed Edmund off on poor, unsuspecting Brooke and Gabriel is leaving (or being killed off by the teen-killer of PV), she has no ties left there and can finally get back to GH where she belongs!

Speaking of Gabriel, I'm not sure why he was on the show to start with since they never really did anything for his character except have him stand still while everyone beat on him. He can't have his woman (either of them), he doesn't have much interaction with his sister or her family (who hates him), he is only ever seen at SOS any more. Given that, I can see why the powers that be decided to cut him loose. What a disappointment it must have been for him to be brought on and then left as Dog Boy.

Can Jake wield a crutch or WHAT? He turned into revenge man on one leg when David's case was dismissed. I thought he was going to take out the whole courtroom with that thing.

Am I hearing things or is Dixie actually speaking to Tad with some degree of intelligence about staying out of other people's business and just living their lives. Granted, if everyone did that, the show would be fairly boring, but I think they've more than done their time with interaction and need some quiet Martin home time. Of course, Tad's not listening and will go ballistic when JR tells them about Adam and David and the blackmail and the judge, but at least she gave it a shot.

I hope we get a good birth scene when Kelly Ripa gets back from maternity leave. A little known fact about Katrina is that I was a Lamaze instructor of the highest order for 18 years and I *love* a good birth scene. I just pray they don't hold up some three month old with a smear of blood on his head and piece of aquarium tube taped to his belly. I can't believe they are having their first baby and don't have a name for it. Most first time parents I know roll over in bed after conceiving and name the kid. It's when you get to #5 and #6 that the names no longer come easy. For #5, I was trying to think of a good name and decided on David, only to realize that I already had a son named David. Then I ended up inadvertently giving him pretty much a shortened version of his sister's name: she's Delena and he's Dylan. Just leave off the "a." For #6, I just told my husband to name him and anything was fine (I knew that was dangerous because when I asked my first husband to give David a middle name, the poor kid got saddled with "Uriah"). I was lucky that he picked "Nathan," a really good name I had never considered. ANYWAY, back to the soaps. Name the kid already.

OK, so if Chris Stamp is an FBI guy, we can assume that he didn't kill Sweeney as I thought, so that leaves some mad teen killer on the loose, presumably in relation to the drugs, but not for certain. I vote for Rosa with her pent up, Catholic girl rage, but it's most likely some faceless, nameless drug dealer or some similar thing. We know it wasn't Tad because that's just too easy and Tad would end up in jail. We can also figure that Rosa screamed and ran away after Marcus tried to attack her and someone else popped him for her. Maybe Shannon is the one killing all these people. Maybe THEY are the ones who beat her up in self defense! That's my vote (I was right about Nora, mind you!)


And speaking of Nora, I have a feeling she is going to be more than a little bit intrigued by Troy the Brother. I was intrigued the minute he took off his shirt and showed that ol' Ty has been hitting the gym with some gusto! I feel a Troy-Nora-Sam triangle coming on and I dearly hope it is more entertaining than the Bo-Nora-Sam triangle of days gone by. I think the fatal error they are making here is that the fans needed to be more invested in Sam and Nora as a couple before bringing on a passenger. Since Nora has no memory of their time together, we needed more time to see Sam court and woo Nora and the two of them getting back together, only to find her swept off her feet by Troy and her pull toward him. I always thought that Nora had the hots for Colin and was making excuses to be around him until he started acting so strangely. I just wish that the truth about Lindsay injecting Nora and having Colin keep her prisoner would finally come out. This is as bad as the Matthew Paternity issue and the long arc is really causing a loss of interest. I will be very pleased when writers figure out that the long story arcs just don't work. People need a fast pace to hold their interest. This isn't supposed to be real life, after all.

Roger Howarth is on vacation this month and that means that it would have to involve sushi, plaids and electronic technical talk for me to be any less interested in what goes on between Blair, Max and Gabrielle this week. The return visit has showed me that I really couldn't stand the character of Gabrielle when she was on the show the first time around and if anything, the feeling has only grown. I don't like how she's written. I don't care for the actress (just my personal opinion - I think she's pretty over the top, even for Gabrielle), I don't think she has chemistry with either Phil Carey or James DePaiva and I'm finding the whole story to be cumbersome. The only thing I've enjoyed about it is Todd, Starr and the occasional glimpse of Nigel. Just my opinion, folks!

It's good to see Jessica starting to look like she's coming back to her senses after her visit to Will Rappaport Land, but I wonder when she'd going to start to notice that Seth is acting a little more odd than even his situation, odd as it is, dictates?


Random GH Thoughts:

Someone please kill Sorel soon. This story is making my eyes bleed.

My, my! Is there anything Melissa can't do or any day she can't save?

Goodness, Roy sure got over Bobbie fast!

Did Tony Geary actually WRITE the crap he's being given as Bad Luke?

Man, I almost felt sorry for Flea. Almost.

Constance Towers is brilliant. When she was watching Nikolas and Gia, even though it was obvious that the power that be wanted her to look concerned over their connection, I felt like CT was given us her own private performance and showing us that Helena was touched and even intrigued by her grandson's obvious affection for Gia.

Nancy Lee Grahn is taking garbage writing and giving it flair and spunk. The scene where she tells Ned about the statue and why she wants it was moving, despite the saccharine sweetness of it. I can't wait to see her with Ingo again. She really brought out a spark in him that I never saw elsewhere. If only

Why in the world did Carly not ask about the white dresses while she was staying at the lake house? If ANYONE would ask, it'd be Carly. That would have been the perfect opportunity to get it all out once and for all and actual have people interested in an Angel/NuCarly scene.

Exactly what right did Bobbie have to open her big yap about Carly not being pregnant? Guess patient confidentiality is a thing of the past.

Sorry, they just don't make purses, envelopes and auction programs big enough any more, Elizabeth. They should have written in the pregnancy.

Hurray! We've actually gotten to see some Stephen Nichols scenes! I've loved seeing him with Chloe, actually opening his heart to her, just in time for Jax to show up and tell her about the fake letter Stefan sent. Stef just can't get a break and it's only going to get worse. Nikolas is chewing him out, Chloe is going to turn her back on him (no doubt there) and then he's going to find out Stavros is alive. He'd better get some good screen time out of this.

I'll be glad when Stavros can be menacing again without looking like he's going to laugh like a girl at any minute.

I loved the scene where Mike was contrasting and comparing Sonny's behavior with those around him that he has cut out of his life. You could see the wheels turning in Sonny's head, but still, he didn't want to hear it. Get that guy to a therapist and fast.

I really, really, really miss Jonathan Jackson as Lucky.

I'd like to see more than the two extremes of Monica. All we have any more is Monica the Shrew and Monica the occasionally loving. Newcomers, she used to be a real character with many layers. Alas, it is no more. Both she and Alan have been rendered down to cut out cardboard stand in's of themselves. A moment of silence.

I really like Robin Christopher (Ha! Just realized that is Christopher Robin - Pooh's boy - backwardsOK, I'm slow) as an actress and I wish Tracey or Lois would come back and give her a decent female to work opposite. She's going to wear out Billy Warlock in nothing flat since he's the only real actor of caliber she's with for any amount of time. John Ingle is wonderful, as is Stuart Damon (when his material is good), but they are seldom in a scene with her for more than a few minutes. I am eager to see what she makes of Jax.

Speaking of Jax, not only is he back but he's evidently really, really rich again (a million bones on a ring??) and has an Australian accent now. I'll stay off of that bad hair cut since it was at least better than the one at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

I keep saying it's got to get better, but the ratings just keep falling! See you next week!
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GH [02 Aug 2001|02:31pm]
I'm about GH'd out after the weekend with the stars, but I have to say, I have a new perspective on the show. It's good to know that most of the stars are as disillusioned as I am about how things are going and are pretty much just picking up paychecks and calling it a day. They pretty much figure that if Friends of Jill (Farren Phelps, Executive Producer of GH) have work where ever she goes, they are going to suck up and make a friend for the hard times. Unfortunately, that just encourages the disease. I'm pleased that the great spin doctor, Maurice Benard, told people at his event that he HATED the Angel story and had told the powers that be that NO WAY was he playing Sonny falling in love with Angel. At least he has some clout and isn't afraid to throw around an opinion.

In regard to NuCarly, I can see how, as EVERYone is touting, she's coming into her own in the part, no longer trying to be Sarah Brown, blah blah blah, but I still think she's only mediocre as an actor, so let's not give her any Emmy's yet, OK? Just because she's starting to not suck as loudly as she did before doesn't mean she's GOOD. I'll wait and see how she does over the next few months and pass judgment then. If she gets GOOD, then I'm willing to forget about these first few rocky months and let her live in Port Charles in harmony with me.

Angel is another story altogether. What was going on with that Sleeping Beauty music box? Who else does Helena have packed away in cold storage? What is the real story between Taggert and Sonny? Can we PLEASE see Florence again and in some clothes that show us how beautiful Lynne Moody is instead of dressing her like Aunt Esther on Sanford & Son? What is the rich history of the Taggerts and the Campbells? What is Zander's history? *IS* he Frank's Smith's son? Does he have ties to Bobbie and Luke since they are both from Florida? Or Carly? Where is Justus and can we have him back? Keesha? Why hasn't Mac heard that Anna is alive? At least from Robin? Can we get into some of those great family stories that used to make GH so interesting? WHERE is Jason? Who is running ELQ and how soon can Skye, AJ and Ned start vying for the CEO position? Who is voting Jax's proxy in his absence? Can we have Tracy back? Why is AJ no longer afraid of the arson charges? THESE are the things I want to know! I don't CARE why Angel always wears white because I KNOW the reason is going to be ludicrous. I don't CARE who she's related to. Can we please get a man for Bobbie so that she doesn't start channeling her frustration into crafts? She'll have popcicle log cabins all over the Brownstone before long. Wait, make that towersshe'd go phallic. Please let there be a scene at Kelly's where she's scooping up mashed potatoes for the blue plate special and she keeps piling and piling and says, "This MEANS something" while it takes a cylindrical shape. But I digress.

Call me crazy, but I'm still enjoying the Bwaaahahahaha effect of Stavros lurking in the darkness. Yes, I'd like it to break through soon and yes, I'm eager for the Stavros-Stefan reunion and YES, I'm dying for Helena to finally see that she's been worshiping the wrong son for all this time. I'm with Constance Towers! Give us a scene where Stavros sells her down the river and Stefan saves her! Let her see that she's unleashed a monster on the world and have Helena be the one to do him in! What a powerful scene that would be!

I've heard rumors that in the interest of a story line, Tony Geary might cut his vacation short this year and, for a first, he prefilmed scenes for use in his absence. That is far superior to him disappearing for months on end.

That's about it! Be sure and read my account of the fab weekend I had with the GH stars and our incredible EOS staff members!
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OLTL [02 Aug 2001|02:30pm]
Did I miss a week? I think this is exactly the same episode I was watching when I left. The only exception is hottiesbareall.com, which doesn't seem to have the same show on my computer, goldarnit.

Seth can be my bodyguard if he wants and I have a feeling that if push comes to shove, he's going to mop the floor with Mr Perfect Will.

"Ah ahsked you a question. Ah you marrahing BLAY-AH?" God, I hate Gabrielle. Ka-pow! But I have to give propz to anyone who slaps the snot out of Max. This character is all over the place with little definition, no direction and lame acting. Time for a good ol' OLTL killin'. Any chance we can get Tonya Walker back and send Al and Gabby packing? I had more fun in the few minutes that Alex was on the screen than in all the Al and Gabrielle footage put together. Alex gave life to Asa, pumped him up a bit. Renee made him boring (sorry, LOVE Renee, but not that mother-son thing she had going on with Asa). Gabrielle makes him seem insane. Where has my Nigel been?

If only Viki would put Blair and Todd in a room, slap them around with a good ol' Gabrielle Medina Buchanan whapping and make them admit that they love each other, so they can cut this BS and get down to the business of getting revenge on the people of Llanview (for whatever - who cares - they're best with a common enemy) and raising these kids. This back and forth crap is boring me out of my eyes.

Poor Nora has had a pretty rough year. She needs a cruise or something to get her groove on again. Poor baby. Now that we've learned that Darlene Vogel is leaving (surely they aren't thinking of a Melanie recast?!), can we even hope for a Bo-Nora-Sam triangle again? Please? Now that Sam is better looking, it could get really interesting!

Good lord, Roger Howarth's skin looks soft as a baby's ass. I wonder if he uses Nivea or Oil of Olay or something. What a cutie.

Too bad Linda Dano is battling Lyme Disease. These people could really use her help! I'll miss John and Rae now that John Bolger has hit the pavement running. They were the only relationship on the show that made sense to me.

I'm eagerly anticipating Ty Treadway's return. ANYthing to shake up this show that is dangerously close to become dull. Maybe he can return and kill off Melanie! Hey, I like it!
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AMC [02 Aug 2001|02:30pm]
Awwww. How sweet! I want some of that miracle David Hayward healing juice! WHAT a man! He's so good that just days after having her chest flailed open, her heart cut out, someone else's heart put in and then her ribs reattached like tinker toys, Laura can go dancing, can get hugs, can laugh, can pretty much take care of her self and now, can play succubus to Leo in the horizontal mambo and not even flinch. If I'd just had that surgery, for the first year, I'd be shrieking like a tea kettle whenever anyone even thought about touching me. I go to bed when I get my teeth cleaned and when I had my tubes tied, I was comatose with pain for almost a month. That Laura is a real super girl! While we're on it, Leo is quite the master swordsman to be able to attend to the, um, business, of deflowering his new wife when his heart is with another. That fade to black must have included a little more gootchy-goo than what we saw or else poor Laura's first time would not leave her nearly as cuddly as she seemed. Of course, given her speedy recovery from the surgery, she could be impervious to pain. Again, regardless of the suave and gentle nature of the deflowering, my reaction was more of OOOOWWW OWWWWWW freakin' OWWWWW!

OK, I don't do this for everyone. It's only because dammit, I CARE. I love how Opal dresses and I really do want to be her when I grow up (LOVED the shawl she had on today), and because I love and admire her so very much and because, as a Witch, I'm already tuned into the other side, I'm going to offer my services to Gillian as a channel to get to Ryan. Yes, I know it's going to be a bit inconvenient, but I'm going to do this for the sake of the show and for all those fans out there who want Ryan and Gillian to be together. Katrina Kares. Yes, I'll hug him and kiss him and let him experience his beloved Gillian through my body. I wouldn't do it for just anyone, but for Opal and for Ryan and for Gillian and all the fans, I am willing to make this sacrifice.

Uh oh, too late. Gillian just psychically raped Opal and jumped into her body. Bitch. NO respect. It might be a means to an end, but that was just NOT cool.

Great casting on the part of Mia! She's not horrible (please see General Hospital for examples of "horrible" where acting is concerned). She looks enough like Liza that I can buy the rumor that she's her love child with Tad, but what is going on with those eyebrows? Tweeze, baby, tweeze!

I have never before seen Louise Sorrel act and I have to say, she more that lives up to her reputation. I scoffed when I heard of ANYONE being recommended as a possible replacement for Jane Elliott as Tracy Quartermaine should she ever not be available, but I think LS could pull it off.

And with that happy thought, we move on to OLTL.
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GH [09 Jul 2001|11:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Even when I was watching the show, I was trying to find something to write about and I'm just so bored with all of the stories going on right now that I could tear my eyes out. It's like reaching for a big handful of delicious popcorn and accidentally grabbing white packing peanuts instead. To tell you how bad it is for me, the most interesting thing I saw on the show today was actually the look that Carly shot Sorel after he grabbed her by the hair and threw her down. Totally evil. I wish we had a writer on staff who would have her say things like, "The HAIR...watch the HAIR, dammit!" It's particularly sad that Bobbie's disappearance, to my knowledge, was never addressed or explained. Maybe later it will come up. I know Jackie Zeman is on a sort of administrative leave where she was basically told, "Look, this would be a good time to take your vacation because we don't need you." Yikes!

No Stavros=No comic relief.

Even ZEm was a little dry and I usually enjoy them.

Maybe I'll catch a buzz on it tomorrow.

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OLTL [09 Jul 2001|11:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]


I was telling my pal, Lenore, tonight that I am so utterly and totally bored with the show right now that I find myself unfocusing my eyes to try and detect the individual pixels in the TV picture just to be entertained. I mean, just what is this supposed to be??

Gabrielle: Mahx, there is only one bed in this bedroom, whatever shall we dooo, hmmm? I wore my shoes to bed, Mahx, did you notice? Mahx, I sleep in my teddy with my butt stuck in your face, did you notice? Do you like it as well as when I was lying on the coffee table throwing ice at myself, hmmm? Bad, bad, Asa, so scared...Asa, NOOOO! Max, soo, soo stupid, must fall for this dumb ass plot, bwahahahhah.

Max: Yup to all.

Renee: [to Asa] You're stupid.

Asa: [later] When I git ahold of that little filly, I'm gonna kick her ass! Heh heh heh.

Senor Lena: Come in daughtah. See how I am dressed in clothes Katrina would die to own. But nevah the less, it is too late for you and I'm out of love potion. Settle for a reading of the bones instead, child. You know a big secret and if you don't tell it, you a doomed. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Todd and Blair: But where is STARR?

Addie: She's gone!

Todd and Blair: But WHERE??

Addie: Away, silly. With the sunshine woman.

Todd and Blair: WTF?

Addie: Your therapist, you know.

Blair: Rae? Eww.

Rae: I'm back. Let's start therapying.

Blair and Todd: Where's STARR?

Rae: I dunno. The last time I saw her, she was here.

Blair and Todd: What will we do???

Rae: Look for a kid dressed like a nun, I'd suggest.

Nora: If I could only remember.

Bo: Remember what? [Nora jumps out of her skin, then back in again]

Nora: Bo! You startled me! I'm trying to remember who killed Colin...um, I mean, how Lindsay killed Colin.

Bo: You think you can remember?

Nora: Wait, I'm getting something. Wait...wait...wait...got it! Lindsay did it!! I'm sure of it!!

Bo: Good god! Call the judge!

Lindsay: Let go of...get your hands off of...one phone call...my lawyer...

Sam: You did it.

Lindsay: Did not. You did it.

Sam: Did not, I thought you did it.

Lindsay: Did not...so who did it?

Sam: I dunno.

Lindsay: Me either.

Sam and Lindsay: Well, damn!

This concludes my essay titled, "How I Spent 1-2pm Monday," By Katrina Rasbold

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AMC [09 Jul 2001|10:53pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I have to admit that for the first time in ages, I missed some of today's show (Monday) because the boys were going a bit nuts and refused to work their antics into the commercial breaks. Here's what I saw in a nutshell and you may feel free to correct my errant ways if I misinterpreted.:

Jake: What seems to be the problem Miss [checks chart] Eenlygay ytheSmay?

Greenlee: Well, my parts feel all tingly and my heart feels all sad and I'm afraid I am going to have to find another place to live.

Jake: Don't get me wrong. I don't like you and sex with you was bad.

Greenlee: Well, same to you, bub. [pause] Let's do dinner!

Jake: Done! Then maybe some sex afterwards?

Greenlee: Deal!

Marcus: You want me to kiss you, don't you.

Rosa: I want you to kiss me.

Marcus: I'm going to kiss you.

Rosa: Not in front of Mateo. He doesn't know I have lips and that I'm loose enough to let some guy kiss me.

Marcus and Rosa : Blalalallallalalala

Marcus: Gotta go. *crash*

Waiter: Are you all right, suh?

Marcus: bark bark bark, bark BARK

Ryan: My life sucks. My wife, my beloved, is so dead. My life sucks.

Leo: Yup. Marriage already sucks and I have to change her dressing. Yuck.

Ryan: I'm outta here.

Leo: Greensleeze, what are you doing here in the park where I'm all drunk and stuff? Uh heah uh heah uh heah. Blahlalalalaa (that would be an alfalfa kiss).

Dimitri: You what? They what? [hangs up phone]

Alex: What was that all about?

Dimitri: I know something that the viewing audience can't know?

Alex: Oh really? Cut to a commercial so you can tell me.

Dimitri: [after commercial] Pretty crazy, huh?

Alex: Positively maddening. We must investigate this. Let's go to Hungary.

Dimitri: How can you think of food at a time like this? We're sitting on the AMC secret of the year and you have the munchies?

Alex: You kidder!

Alex [Later, to someone in an Anna wig]: Weah leaving now, dahling. Take good care of Gabriel and nevah let him forget that he's part of our family, even if he is of color, and DO take the time to give Edmund a roll in the sack, he's a most exquisite lover. Believe me, when God gave Dimitri the looks, he more than compensated Edmund in other ways.

Anna: I will. Sniff.

[knock knock]

Alex: [opens door] Ryan! What a pleasant

Ryan: Is anyone important here like Dimitri or Edmund.

Alex: Yes, they are.

Ryan: I want them to tear down the turret. Now.

Bianca: What's that? *cough*splutter*

Gabriel: It's a flashlight.

Bianca: What do you do with it?

Gabriel: You make shadows with your hands! See? Here's a dog and here's a camel and here's a shark *cough*cough*

Bianca: We should get out of here.

Gabriel: Call your mom!

Bianca: [dials] Mom, help. Shit, it's dead.

Chris: [outside] That building is burning down.

Erica: Mah baybee's in there!!!

Chris: *crash*

Mateo: [to Gabriel] You! You are very bad! You started this fire.

Bianca: No! Gabriel=good! Save him!

Mateo: OK.

Gabriel: Give me some money.

Bianca: [to Erica] That man [Chris] saved us!

Erica: Did not

Bianca: Did so!

Erica: Did not

Bianca: Did so so so infinity.

Chris: [to Erica, outside] Good God, woman, go to see a doctor! You just passed out in there and your skirt went up over your head in a most comely way. Get your saddle to a doctor and get checked.

Erica: You horrible, horrible man! I don't care if you did save my life and my daughter's and a kitten stuck in the ventilation shaft, you're still an asshole and I want nothing to do with you! Nothing! Do you understand? Do you? [walks off in a huff]

Chris: Yeah, she digs me. [dials phone] The Kane woman is a problem. May I, um, corrrrect her?

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I confess� [03 Jul 2001|04:41pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I've been putting off this column for way too long because I live and die by law that if you can't say something nice, you shouldn't say anything at all. OK, you got me. That coming from the person who has mercilessly harangued Tamara Braun, Angel Boris, Kristina Wagner and Jackie Zeman. Let's change it to if you can't say ANYTHING nice, don't say anything at all. My nice has been at a minimum where the ABC soaps are concerned, so I've been spending an objective week looking for the cool stuff to bark about. There will, of course, be bitchy stuff as well, but I wanted a balance, so I waited until I found it. So here we go!


Soap Opera Digest announced that Gillian really and truly is dead and even if Esta stays, Gilly goes. That means we are likely to be bored out the eyes with a look alike, relative or otherwise, who will force Ryan to re-court and win her. I truly, truly hope we will be served up with better than this.

That David is one nasty customer. It's still amazing to me that someone with the power of Adam Chandler is allowing himself to be twisted in the pants by him. What a floozie that room service hussy was! Geez, I hope she's had all of her shots.

Poor Gabriel is everyone's whipping boy, it seems. At first, I thought it was just Dimitri who was going to be busting his chops, but every time he turns around, someone is smacking him around. The nasty little trolls that all seem to hang together in the teen spot, Mateo, that evil guy, what's his name? The one who was feeling up Rosa, um, lemme think, SWEENEY, that's it! The terrible trio of Shannon, Mutt and Jeff are always dogging him about something.

Erica never stops cracking me up. I loved her line, "I am NOT going to stand here and be judged by a man in a jump suit!" You just have to know that the way to Erica's heart is through her craw. As soon as the handsome Chris Stamp started mouthing off to her, you could tell he was in line to be the next Mr. Erica Kane.


O-K. I'm still processing today's artsy fartsy, oh so obscure, rife with symbolism, almost to damned deep for me episode. There were wonderful things about today's show, such as the wonderfully eeevvviieeeeelll Stavros. He just wants to kill everyone and be done with it. You could see Helena forming a hair ball in record time when he mentioned the roses in Laura's hair at their wedding. When he talked about how cold she has been to him, I was stunned to realize that he had duplicated Stefan's actions by choosing a woman who was emotionally unavailable to him. I found that odd since Helena had always been so bonded to Stefan. It also made me wonder if, with Genie Francis and Tony Geary taking long vacations a few weeks apart, Stavros is set up to kidnap Laura again. Could she step off the docks into nowhere yet again and have to be saved by Luke? This would be a great way for Luke to redeem himself for not being there to save her the first time. When they come back in a few weeks, will we see Luke breaking into the Cassadine compound, rescuing him princess and the two revealing the love they still have for one another?

In regard to Laura and poor Scotty, even though their trip to Hollywood (which amounted to stepping outside the ABC studios where GH is filmed, those cheap bastards) was gooney, it was still fun. I loved all the silly costumed scenes and thought she looked incredible in the Ingrid Bergman wear. I also was a big bug-eyed by how big her boobies were in the Cleopatra scene. More on Laura was how magnificent it was to see she and Tony Geary doing the Wyndham's dance scene as they are now. Francis was absolute luminous. I loved it.

Best thing about today's episode? No Angel; no NuCarly. Bliss. I'd also pay gobs of money for the two dresses Helena wore in Nikolas' dream. Love it.


The best lines are coming out these days!! "I don't have to pin it on you, you're wearing it." "When ever Max gets a yen to visit his fetus." "Mini-Max." Love it. Loved the other day when Starr was talking Todd and Blair into sleeping together. A few things in particular popped out. Todd wears jammies? Todd drinks from a Betty Boop cup? Fabulous.

Grrrr. Max and Gabrielle are just offensive. The "heat wave" where she was in her underwear laying on the coffee table, rubbing the ice she hadn't dropped all over her was just stupid. If she has to try this hard to seduce Max, it's not even interesting, not to mention at one point after she dropped the ice, he got up quickly and accidentally whacked her boob a flyin' when he did.

Closing points: Would it kill Sam to tell Nora that he really did tell Lindsay that he killed Colin? He told Jenn and Will, but didn't bother to mention it to Nora when she was heading out to hand Lindsay her ass on a platter. Also, in Lindsay's flashbacks, she says that she found Sam standing over Colin's body at the bottom of the stairs. I happen to remember who was passed out at the TOP of the stairs: Nora. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what happened here and I'm guessing we're going to see some quality scenes with Nora not only realizing that she did it, but also, as a reader pointed out, that she is the one who has to exonerate Lindsay!!

Still waiting for the big hurrah.

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I wanna tell you! (OLTL) [27 Jun 2001|01:54pm]
As I'm watching Jen testify and they show Nora having little mini freak-out seizures over Colin's laugh, I am more and more convinced that we are going to have a really dynamic climax to this story where Nora realizes or otherwise finds out that SHE killed Colin! I got not doubts now! Lindsay thinks it was her kids. Sam is protecting Nora and she doesn't even know it.
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GH [25 Jun 2001|01:10am]

Sonny? In a rut? Never!!

Clockwise from the top: The Sainted Lily, Carly #1, Carly #2, Angel, Hannah and Brenda
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Even More GH [21 Jun 2001|06:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Bullet comments about today's GH:

*sniff* Seeing Lee and Gail with Serena made me want a Gramma and Grampa in a big way. Denied!!

Best dressed awards: Helena and Dara. Absolutely stunning.

Worst dress: No contest. Mrs. Spencer, your makeover is waiting.

Lucy: "Amanda Barrington has just contributed her biggest donation ever." You know you're flaming rich when you compete against yourself for biggest donation.

Flea: Good god, don't' get me started. OK, I'm started. Flea to Mac: "Nice chest." My sentiments exactly. I never thought I'd say that Flea took the words right out of my mouth.l

Stavros & Helena: Love it. Stavros is a very, very, very bad man. Note to self: Find Stavros Cassadine and make him my love slave.

Stefan: See above, but without the very, very bad man stuff.

Worst Nurses Ball Performance Ever: Fluke. Nuff said.

Kids: Loved Up on the Roof, very old Hollywood classy. Had to wonder if Rebecca Herbst was too pukey feeling to dance this year.

Best sight of all: Roy and Luke sitting together, best buds after tweny-plus years.

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OLTL [21 Jun 2001|08:19am]
Good Lord! It's not Will! I was so sure they were going to go with the obvious killer, but Will's scene with Sam yesterday where he hissed, "I don't KNOW anything else!!" convinced me that he really doesn't know where the boots came from or, for that matter, who killed Colin. Lindsay admitted to Jen that Rae had NOT told her what was on the tape and so she didn't know any details either. That's two Rappaports who are protecting someone for reasons they don't know. I'm thinking that they all suspected each other and when Sam stood up to take the rap, Lindsay, knowing that Sam didn't do it/couldn't do it, automatically assumed it was one of her kids, since she hadn't done it. Since Jen was the one having a mini breakdown and was busting a gut to tell Cris, tell Rae, tell anyone, I think it is now assumed that she did it. God knows she'd have good reason with Colin getting as aggressive with her as he was, but to me, this is all a little too obvious. Jen is falling apart from keeping this secret, but did she really do it? Perhaps Lindsay just thinks Jen did it. Or maybe Lindsay really did do it because Colin was attacking Jen. Of course, I'd love for it to have been Roseanne or someone really off the suspects list, but I think this is where it's actually going to go. Did we not actually SEE Sam cleaning off the boots? Don't we KNOW that Will had a giant black eye? It's been so long that I can barely remember what we do and don't know. If this comes off as self-defense, then prison might be avoided and life resumes as usual. Thank goodness we don't have much longer to wait until we know what actually did happen and can move on to a different story.

Let it not be the Gabrielle/Max/Asa mess that is brewing. If there was to be a murder mystery around Max, I could enjoy dragging it out, just to keep to the forefront that he's actually dead. His character is so cardboard any more that I can't bear to watch him. Fiona Hutchinson just looks insane most of the time and on the brink of tears the rest. Asa has a history of marrying nutjobs, but I think he bought the farm on this one. To be honest, I didn't care for the character of Gabrielle before and I don't see much going for her this time either (but that body! Daaammnnn!). I'm going to use the inevitable Max-Gabrielle clutches and longing stares that are coming to take pee breaks and refill my iced tea. It makes my head ache.

I'm simultaneously disappointed and interested in the Todd-Blair War of the Roses. I think it could be handled a lot better, but the acting of both Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva, not to mention Kristen Alderson as Starr, make this tepid story worth watching. Since Gina Tognoni is still expected to exit in July, I am suspecting that it will be in a benign way, such as her growing so frustrated with Blair's crap that she moves out of the mansion and joins Kevin in Texas.

The interesting question is how Roseanne is going to be written off when Erika Page leaves this month. Will that little bit of her soul that she gave to the spirits come back and bit her in her shapely ass? Will Bo find out that she was leaking info to RJ, bring charges and land her in the slammer? Will she slink away quietly into the dark night? Will she be killed off in some way? Not a word has surfaced yet.

On that happy note, I shall eagerly anticipate seeing Nora in court again. That gal can sure turn a closing statement.
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MORE GH [21 Jun 2001|07:48am]
[ mood | happy ]

I have felt seriously abandoned by the Stavros story this week, as other folks have come into focus. It would have been great to see more interaction between he and Helena, as well as a few near more near misses of him being seen by other key people before he is introduced at the Nurses Ball. I wonder if he will be the one who underwrites the ball this year? In the past, it has been the bad guy of the moment, be it Sonny or Damian or Stefan. I believe one year, it was Jax.

I am eager to see more of the ball today as it seems to be going well. Perhaps prematurely so, I am dreading the Fluke number already just from the previews and from knowing that she has a breakaway skirt that is going to fly off of her. What a way to ruin a perfectly good Bob Seger song. I am praying for some good numbers, despite tragedy at both the Versais Room and below. I hope that gone are not the days of The Wizard of Oz, Romeo and Juliet, "The Power to Believe" and Mary Mae and the Pips. What will a Nurses Ball be without Ned singing? Is Wally still in Tibet, Tracey? HEY, TRACEY, I'm asking ya, IS WALLY STILL IN TIBET? [As a side note, that has reminded me that if I ever own a Llama - which I pray I do not - I'm going to name him Dali so he can be the Llama Dali] I'm holding out big hope for today that we will see some stunning performances after last year's dud. The only really salvageable act from last year was what turned out to be the most startlingly exquisitely choreographed performance in the history of the Nurses Ball: the spectacularly done "Jump, Jive and Wail" number by Tony, Mike and the nurses. Wow. Since the ball got off to a great start with John Ingle obviously having a blast singing, "It's in his kiss" for The Shoop Shoop Song, you can color me tentatively optimistic.

Looks like the beginning of the end of the Amber Tamblyn saga with GH has hit. What a way to go! Seeing Skye clutch that note from Emily to her parents, not knowing what to do with it now was good stuff. We are no doubt up for some outstanding acting from Chad Brannon now that he has more to do than chase after Emily. I know he's going to go full boat on this one and can't wait to see it. Pass the tissues, please. Between this, Luke and Laura, Mac crying over Flea and Ryan on AMC, I'm not going to have any eyeballs left.

"I have never understood saving the good dishes for special occasions" That is because you don't have any kids, Angel. If you had kids, you'd get it. It's because you want to KEEP the good dishes and BREAK the stoneware. It's because the Flintstones plastic cup you got from Denny's doesn't shatter into a million pieces when it hits the floor like your fine crystal, you goofy frickin' broad. You'd also understand about wearing a color other than white or else you'd quickly turn that white into an unplanned printed pattern. I'm Angel. I'm AN angel. I live out here in the boonies where I can keep you safe. I am a perfect cook, perfect housekeeper and perfect confidant. I am able to wax absent mindedly dreamy, or at least absent minded, when you ask about my past. I don't pry into your personal lifeI just tend to you and take gentle care of your wounded back and spirit. I am supposed to be generating intrigue and mystery, but instead, I am the most bland and boring character to hit the GH screen in forever.

So just what the hell WAS Angel doing in Sonny's building? Did I leave the room at the wrong time or was that never disclosed?

No, no, no. No matter how hard I try, I just can't wrap my head around TB as the new Carly. She is just so, so bad. Her scene with Laura was a crime. She was so outclassed by Genie Francis that I wanted to grab her little bones and give her a big old hug, tuck her hair up into a hair net and teach her to say, "Do you want fries with that." A few GH execs must be burying their collective faces in their hands, sobbing, "What have we done?" when they watch her dailies. Second to "What have we done?" I imagine the most commonly heard phrase is, "and, Lord, we've got her on contract." I would hate, hate to be Tamara Braun right now. She has to know she's way out of her league and drowning in the deep end with no life jacket in sight. I'm sure she thought she could do it, but it's like bluffing your way into the upstairs poker games and being forced to play the game out until the bitter end with the ante having a nonstop link into your quickly dwindling life savings. She's giving it all she's got, I'll give her that, but unfortunately, an A for effort does not promote her to the next grade. Johnny might WANT to read, but if Johnny doesn't know the ABC's, Johnny can't go to high school.

With that, I shall release you from the Hell of Metaphors in which I live and move on to One Life to Live.

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OH, I missed one! [21 Jun 2001|06:49am]
As a final idea on the Gillian actually lives list, there is always the dream sequence for Jake or some other poor sod ala Dallas where the last week didn't really happen. That could fix a lot of things. Maybe even the past few months? Tad and Dixie are still together with no David Hayward in sight. Laura is fine and didn't really even have a drug problem. Anna is alive, but goes to Port Charles instead of Pine Valley. Greenlee doesn't really work for Erica like a dog. JR is still Junior. The down side is that Hayley has the longest pregnancy is soap history.
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